What can a 500 watt LED

Daylight 5600K

By creating new technologies, scientists and engineers are bound to strive to maximize their productivity. A fresh example is the LED indicator Daylight 5600K produced by the Chinese company Yuji with a power of 500 watts.

It can be compared except with a super-power LED flashlight, which was created by the inventor-amateur Sam Shepard. Brightness of 72,000 lumens, he achieved by assembling an array of eight LED panels and a special water cooling system.

Daylight 5600K also has a water cooling radiator, but the light source itself is much smaller than Shepard’s flashlight (instead of eight large panels – one LED). At the same time, for power and compactness you have to pay – Daylight 5600K costs 500 dollars for one thing.

However, to find practical application of such a bright LED is not so simple. At the current stage of technology development, the bottleneck of high-power LED elements is effective heat dissipation and dissipation. But you just look at what this artificial sun is capable of!

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