Enjoy the concept of a flying car from Audi

Our Kim Korshunov continues to talk about the most interesting new items from the car dealership in Geneva in 2018. In the past we watched the new Lexus UX, the LC 500h coupe, the concept LF-1 Limited in the new commercial – Audi's flying car:

The concept of a flying car Pop. Up was introduced a year ago. Its development is conducted by Italdesign and Airbus, now Audi joined them. The car salon is a capsule designed for two people. It can be mounted both on a platform with wheels, and to a lethal device with screws.

For movement and flying Pop. Up will use an electric motor. On the idea, when one of the modules is used, it will automatically leave to the charging station. While all this, of course, is only an early concept and it's still early to talk about the timing of the appearance of such a car on the market.

All news and reports from the car dealership in Geneva 2018 – under the link .

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