Enjoying the luxury electric car LVCHI Venere

We continue to talk about the most interesting new items from the car dealership in Geneva in 2018. In the past, our Kim Korshunov watched a flying Audi in a new clip – the Chinese limo LVCHI Venere:

LVCHI Venere equipped four electric motors – two for each axle. Their capacity is 1005 horsepower. From zero to hundred km / h the car accelerates in 2,5 seconds, and the maximum speed makes 286 km / h. The overall length of the Venere is 5150 millimeters.

The capacity of lithium-ion batteries is 100 kilowatt-hours. It, on assurances of the company, will suffice for 652 kilometers. Venere is also equipped with front and rear doors opening in different directions, cameras instead of rear-view mirrors and digital instrument panel

The cost of the car and the timing of its release are not yet available.

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