Jaguar makes autopilot off-road

Jaguar Land Rover Company spoke about the CORTEX project, which creates an advanced self-management system designed to work in the most difficult conditions, including off-road.

Autopilot systems developed by various companies rely on cameras, lidars and radar, ultrasonic sensors, a receiver of satellite navigation systems and other sensors. At the same time the autopilot is designed for operation primarily in the urban environment and on highways.

The system developed by the project CORTEX, will allow cars to move independently not only on the asphalt surface. This autopilot will drive self-governing vehicles off-road, ensuring absolute patency in mud, in the rain, on ice, in snow or in fog.

Jaguar Land Rover intends to create a 5D platform combining audio signals, video, radar, and sensors recognition of light and distance, which will analyze the environmental data in real time. In this case, the sensors will be optimized for off-road traffic. The timing of the readiness of such a system is not yet known in the company.

Source: 3DNews

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