MegaFon will sue because of failures on the network

The Russian mobile operator MegaFon, according to Reuters, filed a lawsuit against the company Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) in the United States.

MegaFon claims that HPE was responsible for the global disruptions in the operator’s network that were observed in the fall 2016 and spring of 2017. Recall that then, without communication, there were millions of subscribers across Russia. Users could not make voice calls; there were problems with mobile data transfer.

As stated in court documents, the UDR (User Data Repository) technical information storage system, which HPE supplied for MegaFon, was responsible for the failures . The amount of the contract for the installation of the corresponding equipment exceeded $ 28 million.

It is alleged that the HPE UDR platform recorded “numerous cascading catastrophic failures”, which provoked global communication problems in 2016–2017

“MegaFon” requires compensation payments by HPE – the amount of damage to be determined by the court. It is estimated that the size of the collection could reach $ 200 million.

source: 3DNews


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