New second-class carriages of Russian Railways. Overview

Kim Korshunov, Editor-in-Chief of the Miracle of Technology website, visited the “Transport of Russia” exhibition in Moscow, where Russian Railways showed its new modern second-class cars. They will appear on the trains very soon.


The Russian Railways decided to keep the old layout of the cars, but they made them more comfortable. As the company representatives say, they wanted to give more personal space to people – for example, it would be possible to isolate their place from fellow travelers with the help of a special thick curtain. The passengers on the upper shelves will have more space and will have their own table.

The seats are equipped with comfortable sofas with headrests and individual lighting. The great thing is that individual 220 V and USB sockets have appeared for recharging gadgets along the way.

Back at Russian Railways, they promise to install automatic machines with snacks in the vestibule, but they were not in the test car. The first such car promises to be put into test operation at the end of 2018, and the replacement of old second-class carriages with new ones will begin in 2019.

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