Overview of the car of the future from Volkswagen

Our Kim Korshunov continues to talk about the most interesting new items from the car dealership in Geneva in 2018. In the past we saw the conceptual Hyundai Le Fil Rouge in a new video – the concept I.D. Vizzion from Volkswagen:

At the Geneva Motor Show in 2018, Volkswagen demonstrated the concept of the sedan of the future I.D. Vizzion, which will not have a steering wheel and pedals. It is assumed that the car will be equipped with an autopilot of the fifth level, when a person can not take part in the movement at all. I.D. Vizzion will "see" the outside world with a variety of cameras, ultrasonic sensors, radar and laser scanners.

It is interesting that the carpet is used in the salon. The system of the car is controlled by voice commands and gestures. In addition, the machine itself can determine the mood of the user and adjust everything to him.

We also found a minivan of the future – Volkswagen I.D. Buzz. This car is also unmanned, but it has a steering wheel that is pulled out when necessary. The car has a driver recognition system, a projection display with augmented reality, cameras instead of side mirrors, wood trim, LED headlights and 22-inch wheels.

Of course, both cars are electric. It is assumed that the minivan will appear on the market by 2022, and the sedan by 2030.

All news and reports from the car dealership in Geneva 2018 – under the link .

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