Overview of the house on wheels with a helicopter on the roof

Our Kim Korshunov continues to talk about the most interesting novelties presented at CES 2018 in Las Vegas. In the past we watched the video drone Selfly embedded in the smartphone case, in this clip is the Furrion motor home.

At the Furrion booth, we found not only a huge robot, which can be read more here but also an advanced house on the wheels of Limitless, made in the form of a trailer. It has all the amenities – a stove, a wine cabinet, a shower, a toilet, a bed. In general, in the US, such things are popular – they like to travel here and the trailer-house Furrion can be customized according to the customer's requirements.

Also the guys have a house on the wheels of Elysium in the form of a bus of their own design – they built it themselves. Inside also has everything you need – a kitchen, a sofa, a bed. Everything can be pushed and pushed to save space inside. The coolest thing is that there is a jacuzzi on the roof and even a real helicopter!

The cost of houses on wheels in Furrion is not disclosed until these are just concepts.

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