Overview of the most advanced robot Pepper

We continue to talk about the most interesting from the exhibition MWC 2017 in Barcelona. In the last issue – an overview of a non-slip smartphone Cat S60 . In the new video – review of the androyd Pepper:

Today Pepper is one of the most advanced robots in the world. Thanks to HD-cameras and distance sensors, he recognizes the environment and reacts to the emotions of people. This recognition takes place on remote servers, so all functions require an Internet connection.

Instead of the feet of the android system of small wheels. For the smoothness of the movements of the hands are responsible for 20 special motors. The chest is fixed with a 10-inch tablet for displaying information or interacting with Pepper.

The scope of its application is quite broad – you can instruct him to talk about new gadgets in an electronics store, meet guests at the hotel, conduct excursions in the museum or simply entertain people. 19659003] The estimated cost is 198,000 yen (about 101,000 rubles).

All news and reports from the exhibition MWC 2017 – under the link .

Our full review of the robot Pepper:


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