Pilotless train in Sheremetyevo. Overview

If you flew to terminals D or F of Russia's largest airport, Sheremetyevo, and you had to get to terminal C or B, you had to spend about 30 minutes to get there by shuttle. But recently, the guys dug a tunnel under the existing lanes and launched an unmanned train there.

How does it work? We understand this video:

Underground unmanned train was developed by Doppelmayr, which is the world leader in the field of cableways. The system here is used about the same – the train stretches behind a metal thick cable on a rigid coupling and rides along the rails. The wheels do not have a drive.

Under the airport there are two tunnels, but only one of them is passenger. The length of each is 1936 meters. Additional tunnel is a cargo and carry the baggage of passengers and other things. Previously, the journey from Terminal D to Terminal B took 20-30 minutes, now it's 4 minutes. The average train speed is 50.4 km / h.

Of course, such trains are not a breakthrough – they are in Europe. But the guys from Sheremetyevo are certainly great, because they made visiting the airport much more comfortable.

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