A Russian student has developed an Android application that predicts disease

A student from Kursk Sofya Korenevskaya is completing the development of an application for a smartphone, with the help of which it will be possible to predict a number of dangerous diseases of the cardiovascular, nervous systems, as well as the digestive and respiratory organs. The prognosis will be based on body temperature, skin-galvanic data and energy indicators of bioactive points.

The software and hardware complex includes a data retrieval unit fixed to the human body, wireless transmitters and a smartphone on the Android OS. If there is a danger to the health of the patient, physicians or ambulance workers receive an alarm. All received information is stored and stored on a cloud server.

Sofya KorenevskayaSofya Korenevskaya (photo from VKontakte)

According to Vladimir Zhuravlev, one of the leaders of the International Center for Technology Transfer of the Southwestern University, then what works Sofya Korenevskaya significantly surpasses the accuracy of forecasts for all currently operating foreign analogues. She intends to complete her work this year.

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