Train without borders. Film by Sergey Malozyomov

Last year we made a film “ Train of the Future ” about how locomotives and carriages evolve in the XXI century, and now we have decided to tell you about the wonders of technology that provide movement on railways. [19659002] What obstacles did you encounter in the development of this type of transport, what difficulties did you get in the way of new technologies and how did you overcome them? How trains affect the environment and how they pave the way in permafrost conditions?

Our presenter Sergey Malozemov will tell you if there is a place for railways in the cities of the future and what technological miracles engineers, record bridges, incredible tunnels, advanced train stations are ready to create ! All this and more – see this documentary:

In the future, cities will change – they will grow up and expand. They will turn into agglomerations connected not just by roads – transport routes should be laid across rough seas, not criminal mountain ranges, regardless of the climatic, state and technological boundaries. Already, many transport projects are striking in scope, complexity and some special engineering audacity!

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