Updated Lexus NX: Everything You Need to Know

On testing at the editorial office of the "Miracle of Technology" is an updated crossover Lexus NX. This model appeared on the market in 2014 and took a key place in the model range of the brand: it accounts for more than 30% of sales of Lexus cars in Europe. According to the company, for many NX becomes the first car of the brand. Market success is explained, among other things, by offering a choice between gasoline and hybrid versions, front and all wheel drive.

By design, the updated NX has retained the exterior appearance of the model, which many liked, but the details were recycled. The proprietary spindle-shaped grille of the radiator has received a new design, like the more spacious RX and LX. The body became more streamlined by changing the shape of the upper part of the front bumper – this had a positive effect on aerodynamics.

Due to the introduction of the adaptive driving light control system (AHS), which is part of the Lexus Safety System + safety package, the interior of the LED headlights. They look sporty and resemble the headlight design of the new Lexus LC coupe. As for the rear of the NX, the lower part of the bumper has changed there. It received elements of a spindle-shaped grille.

 Lexus NX | Photo: Lexus

In the design of the salon, detailing is emphasized, which emphasizes the sporting character of the car and gives it a luxurious look. The biggest change was the increase in the central multimedia display – from 7 to 10.3 inches from the Electro Multi Vision navigation system and from 7 to 8 inches from the Lexus Display Audio audio system.

Lexus NX took care of the convenience for smartphones – wireless charging was done more and now it can accommodate even larger devices, and USB connectors with high current for quick charging have been moved to a more convenient central position.

Modern cars have already ceased to be just a means of transportation – these are high-tech devices with a large range of useful functions that provide both comfort and safety in travel. The Lexus NX is equipped with an electric trunk door. If you need to open the luggage compartment and your hands are busy, it's enough to hold a foot under the rear bumper – a special sensor will detect it and give the command to open or close the door.

 Lexus NX | Photo: Lexus

The updated NX has a set of safety systems Lexus Safety System +, which includes systems and functions to track the space around the car and the driver's actions, determine the likelihood of collisions and helps to prevent them or reduce the severity of the consequences if a collision is inevitable. The space in front of the car tracks the millimeter-wave radar and video camera – NX "sees" possible obstacles and dangers.

 Lexus NX | Photo: Lexus

In addition, the system analyzes such data from sensors around the perimeter, such as the speed of the car, the angle of rotation of the steering wheel and the degree of twisting of the car around the vertical axis. Based on this data, the system detects the probability of a blow from behind the vehicle in front. If the system determines a high probability of collision, an audible alarm sounds and a message appears on the display to allow the driver to take action.

As soon as the driver touches the brake pedal, the system activates the automatic braking function to prevent collision and contributes to the development of the optimum braking force. Thanks to this system, the car can slow down to 40 km / h to reduce the severity of the collision or even completely stop to prevent it. If the driver does not respond to warnings and does not press the brake pedal, the braking function will automatically trigger and reduce the speed.

 Lexus NX | Photo: Lexus

Back in the Lexus NX, there is an adaptive cruise control system that operates in two modes: maintaining a constant speed, as in the case of traditional cruise control, and maintaining a given distance to the car in front. In the latter case, you can choose a large, medium or small distance. There is also a lane change warning system – the car can determine if it leaves the lane and the direction indicator is not turned on.

 Lexus NX | Photo: Lexus

It will be useful and adaptive management of the main beam, which prevents the blinding of the oncoming lane. This is ensured by the fact that each headlight is equipped with 11 LEDs, which work independently of each other to illuminate the necessary sections of the road. We also note the system of recognition of traffic signs. They are determined by the camera and transmitted to the display – the driver will not miss important signs.

The updated Lexus NX in Russia can be purchased at a price of 2 257 000 rubles. In the near future, the editors of "The Miracle of Technology" will prepare a video with impressions of the car.

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