We look at the custom Mercedes from Russia

Our Kim Korshunov continues to talk about the most interesting new items from the showroom in Geneva in 2018. In the past we watched the fastest crossover Lamborghini Urus in this video – luxury salons handmade from the Russian company "Technologies of Luxury": "

The guys from "Luxury Technologies" specialize in creating custom salons for luxury cars with maximum comfort and expensive materials. At the stand they had two versions of the salon.

It is worth noting that everything inside except skin has been made in Russia. There is also a backlight with different shades, electric blinds, outgoing seats, massage, heating, leaving tables, TV and much more – everything is conveniently controlled with the help of buttons on the passengers seat.

[19659003] It is important that all this luxury was tested for safety – in the event of a collision, everything will remain in place. The cost of the Mercedes bus with such a custom saloon is about 25 million rubles, there are versions cheaper and simpler, for example, for 12 million rubles. Everything depends on the customer's preferences, because the salons are made individually.

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